Brexit: James O'Brien tears apart argument on walking away from EU negotiations

Brexit: James O'Brien tears apart argument on walking away from EU negotiations

James O'Brien has always had a certain grace and skill when it comes to cutting through the overwhelming nonsense that is Brexit.

There have been numerous Leave supporters who are vehemently maintaining that the UK should be able to essentially walk away from negotiating with the EU if it looks like we're going to get a bad deal.

Clinging to the analogy that you'd be well within your rights to do so if for example you were getting bad a deal on a car or new home.

O'Brien, ever the guiding light in these grim times, perfectly explained why this idea doesn't quite pan out.

He said:

People like Digby Jones are still making these claims that you've got to be able to walk away without ever acknowledging the most simple of simple facts.

The simplest simple fact in the land of Simple Facts.

When you walk away from any other negotiation, you walk back to where you started

Seems pretty obvious right? Also, comparing Brexit negotiations to a new car feels a little bit diminutive.

O'Brien continued:

When you don't buy a new car, you drive home in your old car.

When you pull out of plans to buy a new house, you stay in your current home, whether you're in your Mum's settee or whether you are in a home you already own.

If you decide not to buy that food mixer, you go home.

You do not arrive in a brand new universe with no car, no house and no food mixer.

Another eloquently articulated and delivered a diatribe on the overflowing folly that many Leave voters are exuding.


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