A simple guide to what's actually happening with Brexit right now (with cat gifs)

A simple guide to what's actually happening with Brexit right now (with cat gifs)

Last week, the EU gave the UK the extension it so desperately needs to sort out Brexit.

Good news, right?

But you might be sitting here and thinking “Okay… but what does that actually mean?”

Don’t worry, you’re not alone and indy100 is here to explain what’s going on through the universal language of GIFs.

It's time to brush up on the differences between your EEAs and ERGs.

So, the EU’s extension or “flextension” comes in two parts.

First, the UK has an extension until 12 April, no matter what happens.

Then it gets complicated.

If Theresa May brings her deal back this week and MPs pass it, we’ve finally done it...

The EU will give us an extension until 22 May to pass the laws we need to leave and then...

...We’re out for good.

But... a lot of people don’t think that’s going to happen, and if MPs don't pass the deal, we’re stuck again.

The UK will then have to come up with a new plan for Brexit by 12 April and hope the EU agrees to it.

What will that plan be? No-one really knows.

But this week, MPs are expected to hold “indicative votes” on the options to see which one has the most support in parliament, which could mean...

That could mean tearing up the old plan and starting again with a long renegotiation to get a different deal - like the deal Labour want.

It could mean we go for a no deal Brexit…

Or it could mean we have a second referendum and let voters decide what we should do.

It could even mean we just revoke Article 50 and have no Brexit at all.

There are still a lot of options on the table.

And anyone who tells you they know what’s going to happen next is lying.

But one thing is definitely true - the government needs to get a grip and come up with something.

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