Brexiteer says she wants to leave the EU so she can 'eat fish and chips from a newspaper again'

Brexiteer says she wants to leave the EU so she can 'eat fish and chips from a newspaper again'

We have heard many, many explanations as to why people chose to vote for Brexit in the 2016 EU referendum.

From bendy bananas to 'less paperwork' we've really heard it all, but a caller to James O'Brien's LBC radio show has really topped the lot.

In a completely bizarre and quite frankly infuriating 13-minute conversation, a 70-year-old woman named Christine attempted to explain to O'Brien why she was happy to leave the EU under a no-deal.

Most of the phone call was dominated by a discussion about trade deals and what would happen to the UK if they don't strike a deal with the EU, which doesn't appear to concern Christine too much.

She gave O'Brien an example of Wetherspoons' owner Tim Martin, who began sourcing different types of alcohol from elsewhere in the world following the referendum result.

O'Brien agreed that was all well and good but explained to Christine that Martin was only able to do that as a member of the European Union and the trade deals he has utilised would cease to exist under a no-deal.

As her argument began to unravel, O'Brien asked her what she is looking forward to regaining once Brexit takes place. She begins by naming a law which stopped people from eating fish and chips from a piece of newspaper.

We used to have our fish and chips in newspaper and then it was deemed that it was wrong.

Now, when we used to have our fish and chips in a newspaper there weren't loads of people that went down with tummy upsets and things like that. 

It had a beautiful smell to it and I can remember that smell now and how lovely it was. 

O'Brien, clearly perplexed by this answer, asks if the EU was responsible for this law (it was actually introduced by the British government under the 1990 Food Safety Act).

Yes, it was something that they [the EU] did. I'm sorry and I do listen to the European parliament and the things that they say should and shouldn't be done. 

I tell you what, we put billions into Europe; do you see the schools or the health service getting any better in poorer countries? I would like to see them have decent schools and decent health.

By now all sense of enthusiasm and energy has evaporated from O'Brien's voice, who would brand the phone call the saddest that he has ever taken on his show.

You can watch the full conversation in the video below:


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