Lorry driver who wants a no-deal Brexit gets stumped by one question on LBC

Lorry driver who wants a no-deal Brexit gets stumped by one question on LBC

One of the ongoing fears for lorry drivers, in particular, is that a no-deal Brexit will lead to longer queue's at the border and more paperwork to fill in.

But one such driver argued that a no-deal would actually be better so he could avoid mountains of paperwork the EU forces him to fill out and we're confused.

Speaking to James O'Brien on LBC radio, a lorry driver called George said his first preference would be no-deal in which the UK would leave on WTO rules because he works abroad as a long-distance lorry driver.

He said:

I'm a long-distance freight driver. I can only do 48-hours per week over a 17-week period.

But when James asks:

So freedom of movement of workers isn't going affect you then?

To which George just says "no" to and continues by saying:

I've got all my new permits and licences, everything ready to go out in May and it didn't happen.

Then James, shaking his head, remarks dryly:

So you needed lots of new international licences and permits as a result of leaving, but you're leaving because there are too many rules and regulations involved with remaining?

The conversation continues, but it is clear that at this point George has lost his argument and is unsuccessfully trying to claw back.

Watch the whole showdown here:


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