Brexiteer tells James O'Brien he is willing to lose his job for the sake of a no-deal

Brexiteer tells James O'Brien he is willing to lose his job for the sake of a no-deal

Brexit is becoming like one of those stories that Grandpa used to tell on The Simpsonsthat never went anywhere and ultimately left you banging your head against a wall, willing for it to stop but also having a good giggle.

Sometimes it's not all fun and games though, especially when people's livelihoods are hanging in the balance, sometimes completely of their own fruition and misguided decisions.

A man named John, who resides in Chelmsford, told James O'Brien on LBC Radio that he is willing to lose his job in the construction industry if it means less immigration and fewer chances for employers to utilise the labour of low-paid workers from Eastern Europe.

John, who confirmed that he did vote to Leave in 2016, was asked by O'Brien whether he believed that Brexit would improve his life, to which he answered: "I don't know", but was insistent that he had nothing else to lose as his wages were not improving in the slightest.

O'Brien then explained why he thought this might have been a foolish choice as the politicians who are backing Brexit are unlikely to have his intentions at heart.

It's a very silly thing to do. If you're terrified or really unhappy about how things are now, you voted to make it worse.

The politicians that you voted for think that you should get a different job or learn some new skills or move. You voted for those politicians.

You voted for the ones that told you if you're not happy with what you've got, get on your bike and move somewhere else. You haven't voted for politicians who would have got you trade union protection.

You haven't voted for politicians that would have clamped down on the exploitation of illegal, under-minimum wage labour.

You haven't voted for the politicians who think there should be protections and regulations in the construction industry greater than we currently have.

You have voted for the people that want to take away what little you currently have.

John then tried to argue that voices like his, which aren't exactly promoting a racist stereotype of Brexiteers, are being diminished online and in national broadcasts by 'Remainers', to which O'Brien points out that he has just listened to him for more than six minutes on national radio and his stance didn't stick.

You can watch the full conversation in the video below.


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