Brexiteer winds up saying he voted Leave to give Parliament less power

Brexiteer winds up saying he voted Leave to give Parliament less power

LBC host James O'Brien has long been the face of Brexit incredulity but recent events under Boris Johnson have tested even his supreme patience.

Brendan from Hartlepool had O'Brien sighing with dejection like few before him at the end of a rambling, ill-tempered exchange with Britain on the cusp of a five-week suspension of parliament, which came into effect on Monday evening.

Their chat took in the caller's defiant insistence that the prime minister does have a plan to lead Britain out of the EU (but he personally does not need to know what it is), his contention that all politicians are liars and a debate about whether unicorns or pots of gold can be found at the end of a rainbow.

After Brendan - an ardent Leaver - repeatedly insisted Theresa May had been the problem all along because she did not fundamentally want the UK to abandon the bloc and speculated on Germany's scheming motivations in all of this, O'Brien finally pinned him down to one simple question:

Why is it all going wrong then?

The caller, clearly bamboozled by O'Brien's dogged pursuit of logic and consistency, eventually answered, with some hesitation:

Because Parliament has really put their oar in it.

Exasperated anew, the host asked:

The question is why is it all going so badly. Your answer was: 'Because Parliament has put their oar in.'

So when you voted to leave the European Union, you were voting for the British Parliament to have less power than it does. Did you realise that at the time?

Brendan, again hesitating, muttered:

No. I didn't vote for that at all.

Leaving O'Brien - gesturing with a pen at his producer to hang up the call - to exclaim:

Oh well then in that case absolutely nothing you've just said makes sense!

Another fine day in the new normal of near-constant chaos.


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