James O'Brien jokingly compares Brexiteers to the Chuckle Brothers

James O'Brien jokingly compares Brexiteers to the Chuckle Brothers

LBC host James O'Brien has compared Brexiteers to the Chuckle Brothers, and then, moments later, apologised on Twitter for the comments.

The call, which was on James' first day back after a well-deserved break, started with Corbyn supporter Noah claiming that Remainers and Brexiteers were refusing to compromise, reports LBC.

However, whilst speaking to the caller, O'Brien asked him not to use the word Brexiteer, commenting:

I hate that word. It makes them sound like D'Artagnan when they're the Chuckle Brothers.

Continuing, James then added:

He's not though is he? I appreciate you love him and you've got posters of him all over your bedroom and you light little candles to him!

However, later on, O'Brien was forced to apologise for the comments as they were possibly insulting to the Chuckle Brothers.

After he'd made them, another Twitter user wrote:

@mrjamesob on ‘Brexiteers’: “Stop using that word. It makes it sound like they’re D'Artagnan, when they’re Chuckle Brothers.” That’s an insult to the Chuckle Brothers.

Taking to Twitter, in response, James admitted he might have been in the wrong, and said:

Fair point.

My apologies to Paul.

R.I.P. Barry.


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