John Major calls for national unity government to solve Brexit and people have thoughts

John Major calls for national unity government to solve Brexit and people have thoughts

Former prime minister John Major has been one of the few people during the Brexit saga to actually offer the UK a way out of its predicament.

In January he encouraged Theresa May to offer MPs the chance to vote on her withdrawal bill without a whip and essentially cast a 'free vote'.

The prime minister didn't exactly listen to what Major had to say and three meaningful votes later we are still stuck in the same situation with a no-deal Brexit looming over the horizon.

Now Major has intervened again with some interesting views on how to solve the Brexit problem by suggesting that there should be a 'government of national unity' that serves the best interests of the UK.

This controversial idea would mean inviting members of the opposition to join the cabinet, something which hasn't happened since the 1940s.

Speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, the former Tory leader said that this should be considered if a general election failed to produce a government with a clear majority:

If we have a general election in the autumn, which I think is possible, not certain, and we don’t get a government with a clear majority then I think it would be in the national interest to have a cross-party government so that we can take decisions without the chaos that we’re seeing in parliament at the moment where every possible alternative is rejected.

I don’t like this idea, I don’t think it’s ideal. But I do think in the interest of the nation, in the interests of decisions being taken, in the interests of ending the chaos we have now and that could continue, we must have a government that has a working majority. And that is the only reason for a time-limited unity government.

Major conceded that the situation that Britain currently faces is completely different to what it faced during World War II but he added that with the country's living standards, reputation and the unity with Scotland and Northern Ireland at stake then it might be the only solution.

This bold move from Major has certainly ruffled a few feathers with people who agree with him and those that don't.

This is what people are saying about his interjection on Twitter.

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