Well, "Brexit Day" - when Britain was originally timetabled to leave the EU - has come and gone.

For now, Britain is barely clinging on to its EU membership with a short extension of Article 50. The government's plan is still to leave the EU in a few weeks time, after hopefully passing a Brexit deal. Though it's fair to say everything is up in the air.

While the mechanics of Brexit remain uncertain, pro-Brexit protesters took to the streets to make their voices heard on the day Britain was supposed to leave the EU. This comes a weekend an estimated one million pro-EU protesters marched through London to urge Theresa May to put her Brexit deal to a public vote.

Though one pro-Brexit protester outside parliament raised eyebrows.

In a shocking rant, an unnamed woman with a megaphone said:

I didn’t even know we were part the f***ing EU, for God’s sake, until we were leaving it...

She then went on to make even more troubling, unsubstantiated claims.

Now it all makes sense. All the children have been being raped for that many years, because of the EU

Needless to say, there is no evidence to substantiate these bizarre assertions.

People on Twitter were shocked by the rant.

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