We are now just 9 days away from Brexit and we can all agree that it is a failure of epic proportions but at least it will give the UK its sovereignty back, right?

After all, that's what Vote Leave was campaigning for during the EU referendum. 'Take Control' was their main motto and is still in the name of their website address.

Yet, as many pointed out in the build-up to the referendum, there is no limit to what the House of Commons can do as in practice it is the ministers that are sovereign.

In many ways, a referendum was an act of sovereignty and MPs voicing their approval or opposition to the vote is also an act of sovereignty.

Certain things such as NATO and the European Convention and Court of Human Rights can frustrate the Commons but the UK government still has enough power to decide its own fate.

This was perfectly exemplified by Speaker John Bercow on Monday when he blocked any attempt for a third meaningful vote on Theresa May's deal, which has already been rejected twice.

In the wake of Bercow's decision, Brexiteers have been fuming that they can't get May's precious deal over the line.

However, as this joke fromHave I Got News For You perfectly points out, this example of sovereignty is exactly what Brexiteers were campaigning for all along.

This tweet has already gone viral, raking up more than 3000 retweets and 12000 likes at the time of writing and people are loving it.

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