Stef Blok and Twitter

A Dutch politician is using an unusual method to urge its citizens to prepare for the looming Brexit deadline – a giant, blue Muppet-style monster sprawled across a desk.

The bizarre picture was tweeted by foreign minister Stef Blok, and warned:

Make sure Brexit doesn’t sit – or lie – in your way.

The foreign minister of The Netherlands decided that Brexit is an oversized blue monster in a white t-shirt with the word ‘Brexit’ stamped on the front.

In the photo, the giant blue monster is spread across a table as Mr Blok looks at it with a distinct expression of confusion.

We feel it.

He also put a link to an official website where Dutch firms can have a look at the potential impact of Brexit on their businesses.

Lots of people thought Blok’s use of the giant blue monster was innovative. Inspired, even.

And so, 'Brexit Muppet' was born.

Astrophysics professor Dr Anna Watts tweeted: ‘Omg this really is for real. A Brexit Muppet. Lordy I love the Dutch.’

People are here for it.

It served to bring some levity to the situation.

Others thought Blok's portrayel of Brexit is pretty accurate.

And they are calling it Brexit's unofficial mascot.

The muppet is a representation of Dutch fears around Brexit and the unknown after Britain spent more than two years negotiating the best deal for its departure from the European Union.

Theresa May suffered yet another disappointing Brexit defeat this week after Eurosceptic Conservatives refused to back a motion reiterating support for the prime minister’s negotiating strategy with the EU. The PM faced backlash from Tory backbenchers who fear that she would use it to rule out a no-deal Brexit, which is seeming more likely each day.

One leading Tory had described the night – and the 258 votes to 303 loss – as a ‘fiasco’ and opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said the country was heading for a ‘catastrophe.’

The prospect of Britain leaving the EU has shaken many EU member states, and the Muppet is part of the Dutch government’s ‘Brexit Loket,’ or Brexit information desk, which provides information and business resources about the impact of Brexit.

‘Brexit is not only on the desk of the Dutch minister, but it is something that everybody has to deal with,’ said Dirk-Jan Vermeij, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is essential that entrepreneurs prepare for all Brexit scenarios, including no-deal.

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