The amount of nonsense coming out of Brexit is enough to break any sane person, but LBC host James O'Brien seems to have developed a resistance to it.

A caller spoke to the host after having an idea to solve the lingering problem of the Irish backstop issue.

It's an issue that's pretty much caused the deadlock the UK government has reached in its troubled negotiations, but don't be too optimistic about his idea just yet.

Alan insisted the backstop is a problem which can be easily solved before 29 March, the date that England is set to leave the EU.

O'Brien asked Alan how can this be done when there is a requirement for no border checks on the Northern Irish border and Alan said the solution is simple: pull over one in 100 lorries.

But, Alan, the act of pulling over one lorry is pretty much going to be a border check, as O'Brien is quick to point out.

The whole requirement is no border checks. So you can't say I can solve the requirement of no border checks by having border checks.

So there is no solution.

Alan, quite taken by his idea of not having border checks, but instead having... border checks, wasn't backing down.

To try and drive the seemingly missed point home, James continued:

But you've literally just said the way we would deal with the requirement that there be no border checks is by having border checks.

And then you've said in the same breath that you think it's a great solution.

I will never understand how anybody with a functioning cerebral cortex can say the way to solve the problem of not having any border checks is to have border checks. Let alone on national radio.

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