Brexit: LBC political editor interrupted live on air by 4-year-old son

Brexit: LBC political editor interrupted live on air by 4-year-old son

Brexit often feels like the UK is collectively banging its head against a brick wall and that we have all regressed to the mentality of a small child.

However, it appears the kids actually do have the right idea on all this, in that we should just ignore everything that is going on and try to have some semblance of fun.

Theo Usherwood, who is the political editor for LBC Radio, was attempting to give his colleague, Eddie Mair an update on exactly what was happening with the Brexit debacle on Friday.

However, as he tried to give a detailed assessment of the cross-party talks between the Tories and Labour, Usherwood found that his attention was needed elsewhere.

In the background of the call, an almighty commotion was growing and it soon became apparent that Usherwood's 4-year-old child was causing all sorts of havoc with water.

As the sounds of unrest grew louder, Mair asked Usherwood to explain to listeners what exactly was going on in front of him.

As many listeners have said, when do you get time off and you're speaking to us from home now, never mind Brexit just paint a picture of what's going on in front of you.

Usherwood desperately tried to explain what was going on but was overcome with laughter and the sound of cascading water.

Turn the tap off! That's my 4-year-old, Eddie trying to flood the garden.

Usherwood added that none of his distractions, such as turning the TV on had worked and vowed to valiantly carry on and explain what sort of extension Theresa May was seeking, which he sort of achieved.

That being said, whatever Usherwood had said was overshadowed by his son's cameo and it became something of a viral hit.

Usherwood did later apologise to listeners who were 'expecting some searing Brexit analysis' but obviously saw the funny side.

It's perhaps not quite as iconic as the BBC's Korea correspondent and his kids but it's a perfect excuse to watch this classic piece of television again.

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