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Boris Johnson is planning to spend £100 million to inform the public about a no-deal Brexit – something the government is reportedly preparing for – in what is being called an information "blitz".

Criticism of the move came on swift wings as people took to social media.

According to the Telegraph, the “biggest advertising campaign since the Second World War” will include leaflets which will be sent to 27 million households as well TV adverts ahead of the 31 October deadline.

The newly elected prime minister is going in all guns blazing and will set up a network of committees to make sure Brexit happens by Halloween.

Johnson told his cabinet during a Sunday conference call the new group will meet daily and direct operations from the Cabinet Office Briefing Rooms (COBR) – usually used by ministers for emergency responses.

It will convene for the first time on Tuesday, consist of a “tight” number of ministers and will be chaired by Michael Gove, who was tasked last week of overseeing no-deal Brexit plans in his role at the Cabinet Office.

£100million on an advertising campaign about Brexit?


People don't think it's a useful way to spend an awful lot of money.

And there are more pressing matters.

Is it from the mythological Tory magic money tree?

Others pointed out the time Boris spent millions on a bridge in London that was never actually built during his tenure as mayor of London.

There was the obvious Cambridge Analytica joke...

Others were taken back to the infamous Brexit red bus fiasco, and the £350 million a week Brexit claim...

You know, the one Boris faced a legal challenge over.

It's not a good look.

Especially given how austerity has levelled the country over the past few years.

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