Resurfaced interview of Lady Gaga shutting down a sexist interviewer has gone viral

Lady Gaga has been one of the biggest cultural icons on the planet for the best part of ten years now and there are few stars who are as outspoken and articulate as she is.

Before she was starring in Academy Award-winning movies, Gaga was a loud and provocative pop star who didn't shy away from singing about sex in her songs.

This was hardly anything new in music but, for some reason, it stirred some people the wrong way, including one male journalist who felt that he had to ask her about the lyrics.

In a clip dating back to 2009, Gaga is asked if she was scared "her provocative lyrics would overshadow her talent". Her response to the question has since become something of a legendary moment for the musician.

I'm not scared... Are you scared? 

You see, if I was a guy and I was sitting here with a cigarette in my hands grabbing my crotch talking about how I make music because I like fast cars and f**king girls, you'd call me a rock star.

But when I do it in my music and video because I'm a female and I make pop music, you're judgemental and say it's distracting. I'm just a rock star...

The moment has been shared online by the Twitter account Lady Gaga Facts and has gone viral all over again.

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