Brexit: Nigel Farage's 'March to Leave' was an epic fail and Twitter happily tore it to shreds

Brexit: Nigel Farage's 'March to Leave' was an epic fail and Twitter happily tore it to shreds

Nigel Farage has today gotten his already maligned 'Brexit Betrayal March' off to a rip-roaring start as he prepares to lead his merry followers on a literally walk from Sunderland to London.

The ambitious trek across nearly the entire length of England is expected to take 14 days and got off to a 'great' start when only 200 of the 'more than 350 people' who had signed up for it showed up.

The grand setting for this 'epic march' to parliament appeared to be nothing more than a wet and muddy field on the outskirts of Sunderland, which is exactly how we would have predicted a publicity stunt like this starting.

Easily the most farcical element of this entire debacle was that Nigel Farage wasn't even taking part in the whole march, which was something that he had already mentioned, but seeing him actually go through with it was something else.

The first leg of the journey is scheduled to encompass the distance between Sunderland and Hartlepool, which is around 18.5 miles and should take a little more than 6 hours to complete.

However, Farage couldn't even get that far as he soon got back on his bus, after a quick trip to the pub and let everyone else do the hard work for him.

Pro-EU activists did attempt to hijack to the march and journalists were also on hand to capture the scenes in a valiant attempt to interview Farage, which unfortunately resulted in some ugly scenes.

The activist group Led By Donkeys were also present to actively troll Farage right in front of him.

Still, at least Farage will have a few gifts waiting for him when he returns to his job at the European Parliament.

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