Nigel Farage sounds like he's getting a bit worried Brexit might not happen.

So worried, he’s willing to walk more than 250 miles to save it.

With Theresa May saying the exit date might be delayed and Labour backing a version of a second referendum, some Brexiteers have been wondering if their pet project is coming undone.

But don't worry, Farage has returned with a clever plan to force Brexit over the line.

The only way to stick it to the “elites” in Westminster is with a two week “March to Leave” from Sunderland to London.

It hasn't got anything on the March on Washington, but it'll have to do.

Some people immediately noticed similarities to the 1936 Jarrow March, when around 200 men marched from Jarrow to London to protest unemployment and poverty in their town.

Although judging by hardcore Brexiteers' loose understanding of history, they might not have noticed the comparison.

In addition to the two weeks of holiday you’ll have to take to join the march, you can also pay £50 to become a “core marcher”.

That £50 gets you:

  • An official March to Leave kit (waterproof coat, beanie hat, gloves etc).
  • Accommodation, breakfast and dinner (vegan option not included, presumably), if you’re marching for two days or more.
  • Travel from the accommodation to the start point of each day's march.

Or you could just walk alongside them for free...

There are better ways to spend £50.

After the last three years, the idea of spending two weeks walking with people who care passionately about Brexit doesn’t sound like a great time.

But we might not need to worry about it.

Farage doesn’t look like a healthy guy and some people were doubting whether he’d even make it the whole way.

And judging by the promo video, I wouldn’t have a lot of confidence that the march is going to go through smoothly…

Nevertheless, hopefully, they all have a great time.

At the very least, it might keep them off Twitter for a few days.

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