Pro-EU activists hijack 'March To Leave' website so Nigel Farage can't use it

Pro-EU activists hijack 'March To Leave' website so Nigel Farage can't use it

Nigel Farage resigned as UKIP leader following Britain’s vote to leave the European Union in 2016, but that hasn’t stopped him from entering the political spotlight.

His latest foray into politics has been encouraging people to “March to Leave”. The “Brexit Betrayal” march, proposed by Farage, encourages Brexiteers to march from Sunderland to London in support of a clean break from the EU.

Though this hasn’t stopped some Pro-EU campaigners from having fun at Farage’s expense.

Led By Donkeys, the campaign group responsible for erecting giant billboards of problematic tweets by Brexiteers across the UK, saw that the website registered for Farage’s campaign was ".com" rather than “”. Deeming this “unpatriotic” the group bought the domain to and set up a hilarious spoof account.

The spoof webpage reads:


Underneath, in small font, it reads:

Nigel ripped this photo off Adobe stock images. It’s actually a picture of two blokes walking in the Lake District looking out over the Irish Sea (honestly). Wonder if one guy’s saying to the other one: 'Do you reckon that’s where they’ll put the border?'

While Farage is yet to respond, pro-EU Twitter users reacted with glee to the prank.

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