Brexit is the 'biggest mistake by a European country since the war', says former Italian PM

During an interview with Channel 4 News's Matt Frei, the former Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni gave a damning indictment of Brexit.

64-year-old Gentiloni, who served as Italian PM between December 2016 and June 2018, lambasted the UK's decision to leave the European Union, calling it the single biggest mistake since 1945.

I think the biggest mistake, the biggest political mistake of a single European country after the war, so something very serious.

Because the UK is a fundamental European country and the fact the UK is leaving the European Union is very bad for the union and catastrophic for the UK.

He added that he and the rest of Italy is afraid of the UK leaving the EU under the terms of a hard Brexit and what is would mean for the future of Europe.

We are afraid. It would be a very bad thing for Italy and Europe and a catastrophe for the UK.

So, I think we should avoid it and I do hope from what I understand here in London there are conditions to avoid this.

Although this could be interpreted as hyperbole, especially as there have been numerous wars since World War II and genocides.

However, some people have agreed with Gentiloni's statement.

Yet, others disagreed with the Italian's bold claim.

HT Channel 4 News

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