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A Brexit Party MEP has just realised that 'Brexit means Brexit' after moaning that the UK will no longer be able to hold the EU accountable once it leaves on January 31.

With the withdrawal date just on the horizon, you would think that Brexiteers across the land would be breaking out the bunting and popping bottles of champagne to commemorate the occasion that they have long dreamed for.

However, one Brexit Party MEP had something of a light bulb moment, when she realised that in a matter of days all of the privileges of being a member of the European Union will cease to exist, including her job.

June Mummery who was attending the penultimate session for British MEPs in the EU fisheries committee on Monday posted a photo and a question that was dripping with irony. She wrote:

Attending the penultimate session of the European Parliament's fisheries committee with British MEPs.

The big question now is, who will be here to hold these people to account while they still control Britain's waters, but the UK has no representation?

It was almost as if the penny had finally dropped on Mummery while she was writing this tweet as if hundreds of thousands of people's cries and voices on the looming Brexit disaster had only just resonated when it was finally too late.

Mummery's tweet, which is unbelievably still there, soon went viral with many people pointing out its sheer hypocrisy.

Even Lance Forman, who used to be a Brexit Party MEP but now represents the Tories, criticised Mummery's tweet accusing the Brexit Party of being indecisive.

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