Brexiteer says Russia report is an 'attack' intended to 'undermine Brexit and Conservative government'

A Tory MP has boldly claimed that the highly anticipated Russia Report which will be published today is a further attempt to undermine the result of the 2016 EU referendum.

The report, which was finished nearly a year and a half ago, will be published by parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee on Tuesday morning where it will detail the level of threat posed by Russia to the UK and what was done to prevent any interference.

It is expected to reveal how Russia attempted to influence the results of the 2019 general election and the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, something which the Kremlin has already denied having any involvement in.

Brexit is also expected to feature heavily in the report, although sources say it does not reveal any evidence of interference in the referendum.

But Tory MP Andrew Bridgen believes that the publishing of the report is just another effort to "sabotage Brexit" and "smear Arron Banks," the British businessman who co-founded Leave.EU.

Speaking to The Sunday Express, the MP for North West Leicestershire who supports leaving the European Union said:

I hope that the ISC report will not be used as yet another attempt to try to discredit the referendum vote for Brexit or to smear Arron Banks again.

Too often we have seen that Remainers cannot accept defeat and have repeatedly used any means possible to attempt to undermine and discredit the result. 

Yet whenever the British people have been asked to vote in a referendum or election in the last four years they have consistently and increasingly overwhelmingly backed the Leave side.

As part of a column for the Sunday Express, Banks echoed Bridgen's words and called the belief that Russia had anything to do with the referendum result a "mythical mantra for hardcore Remainers."

The background to the report is clear. Russian interference in Brexit has become a mythical mantra for hardcore Remainers as they sought to try to discredit the result in any way they could. We are living in an age where political opponents are not prepared to accept defeat at the ballot box and use other methods.

The report is the last in a series of attacks intended to undermine not only Brexit but the Conservative government.

Although the report is expected to show meddling from Russia in the 2019 general election and the Scottish independence referendum it is reportedly unlikely to feature any evidence that there was an attempt to influence Brexit.

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