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If you're at all engaged in British politics on Twitter, you probably should know who hrtbps is.

Hrtbps made their consonant-laden name on Twitter and is now a columnist for Joe.co.uk.

One of their latest offerings was a satirical piece, which sarcastically labelled Jeremy Corbyn 'a disgrace for choosing Glastonbury over Armed Forces Day'.

It was pretty funny, including tongue-in-cheek lines like:

Armed Forces Day, a British tradition for generations ever since its inception in 2008, took place this weekend.

You get the picture.

National embarrassments Britain First reposted the article on their website verbatim, as if it advanced their agenda - presumably interpreting the contents as sincere.

The article originally went up as a direct copy and paste of Joe.co.uk's article.

Amazingly, it's still up at the time of writing.

Absolutely outstanding, if we're honest - it brightened our day.

A lovely little interlude from the usual juddering dross of determined xenophobia.

indy100 has contacted Britain First for comment

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