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For most people, being buried alive is the stuff of nightmares. But one company is offering people the chance to experience what it’s like for the cost of around £50,000.

The Russian company founded by Yakaterina Preobrazhenskaya made the announcement last week and promised that customers will be able to participate in their own “funeral” and experience being buried alive for 3.5 million rubles.

During the experience, Preobrazhenskaya claims, clients will discover hidden talents, “psychic abilities” and will be helped to manage their “fears and anxieties” after the funeral, as their will to live is tested.

Preobrazhenskaya, who appears to be a life coach, described the terrifying experience as a “true symbol of fighting for yourself and your own happy future”.

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Brave customers have two packages to choose from. First, an “online funeral”, which will set clients back more than £13,000, is said to be a “stress therapy for fears and anxieties”.

If customers want the whole shebang, with an in-person funeral and being buried alive underground for up to an hour, they can opt for the “full immersion” funeral held in St. Petersburg.

A full religious ceremony is also included in the “full immersion” package, along with a “mandatory revival with an all-around revived awareness of their mission” that is supposed to renew a person’s “desire to live”.

In an Instagram post, Preobrazhenskaya explained that it is safe to be buried alive, claiming: “We do not intend to expose our clients to undue risk. Scientists have calculated that the buried person will have enough air in the coffin for about 5.5 hours.”

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