Capitol rioter arrested after bragging about it at the dentist

Capitol rioter arrested after bragging about it at the dentist

Small talk can get you into real trouble, apparently.

An alleged attendee of the Capitol riots was arrested after bragging about his role in the failed coup at a dentist office, it has emerged.

Daniel Warmus was arrested by the FBI after someone - who remained anonymous - overheard him sharing stories and a video from the day while having his teeth looked at, leading agents to match passport photos of him with videos and footage taken from the day.


The witness said he bragged about smoking a marijuana cigarette inside the Capitol, and refusing a police officer’s instructions to leave the building, according to the FBI criminal complaint.

The complaint added that they saw Warmus in footage from the day wearing a “Trump 2020” hat and a dashing jumper emblazoned with the phrase “CNN is fake news”. During his jolly round the Capitol, he was holding a tree branch with a large, dark-colored flag affixed bearing the phrase, “F*CK ANTIFA” in white letters.”

On 6 Jan, the US Capitol in Washington was stormed by supporters of Donald Trump wishing to overturn his defeat in the 2020 presidential election. More than 140 people were injured in the storming and five died.

And Warmus is not the only person to be caught for participating in this event in a less than glamorous way. Recently, a rioter’s wife accidentally outed him on Facebook, while another used dating apps to boast about his role.

Warmus was charged with violent and unlawful entry, disrupting government business and disorderly conduct at the Capitol.

We suppose getting arrested for being a bit too chatty is just another reason to be scared of the dentist.

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