How the internet is reacting to shocking scenes of a pro-Trump mob storming the Capitol

Earlier today a mob of pro-Trump rioters stormed the Capitol in Washington DC to protest Trump’s loss in the November election.

Tens of thousands of people – many carrying signs and wearing garments with Trump’s name on them – gathered around the Washington monument as Congress prepared to certify the election result despite Trump’s repeated unfounded claims of voter fraud.

The president has since continued to rile his base, telling them in numerous rallies and tweets to fight for the result to be overturned.

Congress was forced to halt, with lawmakers being evacuated for their own protection. One woman has reportedly been shot and is in critical condition, although no further context is known regarding the shooting.

The US Capitol is now on lockdown, and the National Guard has reportedly been deployed to contain the mob.

Meanwhile online people have expressed shock and dismay at the scenes unfolding.

Many shared photos and videos from DC.

Both President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have tweeted calling for an end to violence.

While it’s better than saying nothing, most people couldn’t help but make the point that it’s way too little too late, given it’s the president’s actions since he lost the election which have stoked tensions. Those who have previously supported him also received criticism.

Democratic lawmakers condemned the mob, as well as the president himself, with some calling for impeachment aas a result.

People called for Trump’s Twitter account to be deleted, given he is known for using the platform to spread misinformation.

And many pointed out the difference compared to how the Black Lives Matter protests were dealt with.

At the time of writing, the riots continue, with president-elect Joe Biden referring to it as “an insurrection” and continued calls on Trump to finally concede the election and call on his supporters to back a peaceful transition of power.

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