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This post on the Instagram account of Gary Fisher, therapy dog of deceased Carrie Fisher, is making Star Wars fans and any humans with a heart, feel heartbroken.

Carrie Fisher has appeared on our screens again. On Monday a trailer for the new Star Wars film, Episode VIII: The Last Jedi was put online.

The actor, who has played Leia Organa since the first Star Wars was released in 1977, recorded scenes before her death on 27 December 2016.

Fisher, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, had a therapy dog, brilliantly named 'Gary Fisher'.

He even appears alongside Fisher in the Channel 4 comedy Catastrophe.

Gary has an Instagram account with 142,000 followers, which has continued to post after Fisher's passing.

According to People, Gary now lives with Fisher's former assistant Corby McCoin.

On Monday when the new Star Wars trailer dropped, the account shared this moving image.

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