This chain-smoking baby shocked the world. But his story has a happy ending

Composite: Getty Images (AFP)

Ardi Rizal made headlines in 2010 after he was photographed chain-smoking on a tricycle in his remote Sumatran village.

He was only two years old.

The toddler's 40-a-day habit went viral, sparking worldwide concern and outrage.

This forced a chagrined Indonesian government to launch a national campaign against youth smoking.

Rizal received special rehabilitation treatment and access to expert healthcare.

However, he made the news again in 2013, aged five, when a documentary team discovered that the child had replaced his nicotine addiction with a serious junk food habit.

The boy reportedly weighed 24 kilos (6 kilos more than recommended) and was said to be consuming more than three tins of condensed milk a day.

But now, finally, some good news for the child.

MailOnline reports that after years of strict dieting with fresh fruit and vegetables, nine-year-old Rizal is now a healthy weight.

In fact, he is called the "champion" of his primary school.

That's the kind of good news we like to hear.

HT: MailOnline

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