Chrissy Teigen had funniest response when someone asked why she takes more photos of one of her kids

Sandra Salathe
Tuesday 11 May 2021 19:25
Chrissy Teigen had the most hilarious response when asked why she doesn’t take enough photos of son Miles (Photo by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images)

When asked why her Instagram feed features more of her daughter Luna than her son Miles, Chrissy Teigen had a simple, yet hilarious reason: nudity.

“‘Why do you post Luna so much more,’ you ask?”Teigen wrote on Instagram. “Because Miles hates pictures and he’s always butt ass naked.” 

That seems like a logical reason why not to post pictures of your son online.

Teigen proved her point by posting a video of Miles while trying to take his photo. Judging from little Miles’ reaction, it’s safe to assume he’s not pro-photos.

Teigen recently opened up about her two children during a People magazine story, while also touching on societal norms regarding raising boys.

“Miles is very emotional. He’s a lot like me too,” Teigen said to People. “He wears his heart on his sleeve, and we embrace that. I think more men should embrace their emotions. I think that’s really important in this world. That it’s okay to cry, and it’s okay to be upset about something or to be sad about something. We’re going to talk it through, and it’s okay.”

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When asked about her daughter Luna, Teigen said, “She is a bit of a perfectionist, which I didn’t know I was until the past few years. I’m trying to tell her that not everything—it’s funny because when I talk to her, I’m actually talking to myself too—not everything has to be perfect and there is joy and beauty in imperfections, and don’t be so hard on yourself. “