The map of the most reputable cities in the world

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Sydney has the best brand of any city in the world.

The City RepTrak 2016 rankings by the Reputation Institution, showed that Sydney topped its latest index, as the below graphic by Statista shows:

Edinburgh was the sole representative from the UK in the top 20, while Dublin came 20th with a score of 76.3.

The scores measure the strength of the general public's regard for each cities' economy, administration and business environment.

Sydney claimed the top spot for the second year running, with strengths cited as the willingness for people to work and live in the city, as well as invest in it.

The survey was conducted through an online survey of an online questionnaire of 20,600 people in France, Germany, the UK, Italy, Canada, Japan, the US and Russia.

Only those who are familiar with the city are counted towards a city's score.

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