We’ve all been there – you’ve just woken up to the sound of your phone alarm and in a state of residual sleepiness, you frantically press any button you can and then slam your phone on the floor.

Except in Labour MP Claudia Webbe’s case, her phone went off right in the middle of an important speech she was making about immigration in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

She said in her passionate speech:

It is imperative and in the best interest of everyone in our country that the basic needs of all our residents are met–

Unfortunately, when she got to the “basic needs” part of her speech, her phone started going off.

Was it an alarm? Or someone calling? We may never know, but to her credit, she coolly dropped down to the seat it was perched on, apologised and then tried to turn it off.

Thinking she had successfully stopped it, she stood straight back up and tried to continue her speech but the alarm had other ideas.

So she went down once more and fumbled around with it for a few seconds, eventually pressing the button on the side to silence her technological foe.

Then, without skipping a beat, threw it onto the floor and continued the speech.

Hilariously, the moment made its way to social media and people had a lot of thoughts:

Webbe is yet to publicly address the incident.

She did, however, post a link to her full speech on the proposed Immigration Bill – without the gaffe:

The Immigration Bill the MPs were debating was passed in the House of Commons.

It's effectively ending free movement in the EU and introducing a points-based immigration system.

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