The 5 things you should never wear to work

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On a typical working dead, you'll spend 14 minutes thinking about your choice of outfit, if you're a woman. Nine minutes a day if you're man.

Still, a lot of us are unsure of what management want us to wear.

A survey of 2,000 British office workers (50 per cent gender split) found that nine per cent of women had been sent home to change by a boss who deemed it "inappropriate".

28 per cent of female workers said they had received unwanted comments about their appearance.

The research by also found that 16 per cent of women said their superior had taken them aside to warn them not to wear a "revealing" outfit again, while 15 per cent believed there was a lack of clarity in the workplace about a dress code.

Nine per cent claimed they have no sense of what management wanted them to wear.

The study found that when workers dressed down women were asked more often whether they were "tired" or "sick" than men.

Respondents were asked what they considered unacceptable items for work, and the top five items were as follows:

  • 1. Shorts (57 per cent)
  • 2. Hoodies/Tracksuits (52 per cent)
  • 3. Slogan T-Shirts (48 per cent)
  • 4. Hats (46 per cent)
  • 5. Flip-flops (41 per cent)

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