A TV comedian asked a question about torture and unleashed hell

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Thursday 26 January 2017 16:00
Picture:(Getty / Nicholas Kamm)

In the past 24 hours Trump has spoken out in defence of torture, saying the United States needs to 'fight fire with fire'.

Comedian Lee Hurst has tweeted a modern-day conundrum, possibly in support of Trump’s comments, or possibly in an attempt to stimulate an intellectual debate.

Hurst wrote:

Your baby is tied to a timebomb.

You have the terrorist. He tells you you have 1 hour.

Do you #torture him to find your baby or let it die?

It hasn't gone down too well on Twitter.

Someone pointed out a slight flaw in Hurst’s argument:

Hurst has argued that no one said they wouldn’t torture his hypothetical terrorist. But what point he’s trying to make there is anyone’s guess.

But then again, the responses will probably result in him going off Twitter for a while, so something did come of the painfully idiotic debate:

Meanwhile, more important questions beckon:


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