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He was the hero we didn't even know we needed in the face of Donald Trump.

We've got slanging matches, insane lies, email leaks, UFOs, tax evasions and even 'locker room chat' FKA sexual assault.

Enter our white knight: Peter Serafinowicz.

Also known as the guy who's spent the last year dubbing over Donald Trump's voice, rendering his most famous speeches inexplicably hilarious.

Serafinowicz, whose Twitter bio reads "male actress and comedienne" but who's probably best known for starring in films like Shaun of the Deadand Star Wars: Episode 1, kicked off the YouTube series in December 2015.

First up we had 'Sophisticated Trump'.

The video shows the Donald being interviewed on Fox News, with all his words verbatim, but dubbed over by Pete in the world's poshest British accent.

Trump's banging on about how much the Hispanics and women are going to love him, but that accent just...

Highlights include the ridiculous impression of Hillary Clinton, and the pronunciation of Libya and Syria to rhyme with 'gap yah'.

Next we had 'Donald Thump', a cockney Del Boy-style version.

Again, Trump's actual words. Just so much more intensely buffoon-ish.

Then we had 'Donald Gay Trump'. Mad stereotyping, but also mad voice skillz.

Best line: the unintentionally-sexual "Er, Ted and Marco did a really good job. They did quite well, as I understand."

And then, our personal favourite, 'Sassy Trump'.

...Beautifully engaged with 'Crybaby Trump' in this entry:

Wait for it: "We have a problem with Afghaaahnistaaaahn."

And the remix, Hissy ft. Sassy:

"And I will tell you this Lester...it's not nice."

Lately, as you can imagine, we've had mostly 'Sassy Trump' entries...

But with two amazing exceptions: 'Homer J Trump'...

"These are the smart people. These are really the smart people. We have the smartest people."

...and 'Cosby Trump'.

Oooh, topical.

The videos have racked up an impressive number of views, and the obligatory celebrity endorsement.

Hot on the heels of the latest Presidential debate, Serafinowicz has added a new spin on an old favourite...

Hilarious. But also genius.

Because when the Donald's voice is disassociated from the words he's using, it's never more obvious just how nonsensical they really are.

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