Conspiracy theorists fixated on ‘blurred presidential seal’ at Biden event: ‘Is this CGI?’

Conspiracy theorists are fixated on a blurred presidential logo in a video posted by Vice President Kamala Harris.

President Joe Biden signed his $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill into law. Harris tweeted a video of the signing in which the presidential logo on the podium is blurred. The blurred logo has sent conspiracy theorists into a frenzy.

According to federal law, the seal cannot be used for advertisements or campaigning. Because Harris posted the video from her personal account, rather than her official VP account, the seal legally had to be blurred. The seal is almost always blurred unless presented directly from the White House.

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MeidasTouch shut down conspiracy theorists in a tweet that included photos from the Trump presidency.

“Believe it or not, Trump blurred the presidential seal in ads and certain posts as from his personal accounts as well,” the tweet read. “Now, this is the man who held literal campaign events AT THE WHITE HOUSE, so we cannot explain why he complied with the law here...”

The political site also shared a tweet from FactPACUSA that explains the law and shows a screen shot from President Joe Biden’s official White house account.

But the blurred logo isn’t the only thing conspiracy theorists are concerned about. Others have pointed out that the president looks “ a little off.”

People even went on to suggest that the video is doctored entirely. One user asked, “Is this CGI?”

Others made fun of the supposed conspiracy theories, jesting that the seal has “never been seen.”

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