The governor of New York Andrew Cuomo often goes on television to discuss the latest developments with coronavirus across New York state, yet he somehow keeps ending up sarcastically arguing about family politics.

It’s because his brother, Chris Cuomo, is a TV presenter on CNN – the network that keeps inviting the governor on. Funny that.

This week, in a segment about coronavirus, Chris teased the governor, asking:

With all this adulation you’re getting for just for doing your job, are you thinking of running for president?

“No, no,” the governor said indignantly as his brother continued to push him on it.

Then calling him the “center of the family” as well as “the center of the state,” Chris says he needs him to “stay healthy, because I need you big brother.”

Andrew who is leading the state that is the current epicenter of the coronavirus in the US replied mockingly that he still needed to do his job,

“Momma didn't raise an armchair general, in me, anyway. I'm not going to sit in my basement," he said in reference to his brother’s underground interview-set up.

Later that same day, Chris Cuomo announced that he had tested positive for the virus, and his older brother seemed to cool it on his working-from-basement teasing, “calling him a sweet, beautiful guy and my best friend.”

People across social media loved the Cuomo vs. Cuomo sibling rivalry as a seeming distraction from the anxiety of the global pandemic saying, “these two crack me up.” One twitter user wrote, “This video of brothers Andrew and Chris Cuomo fighting ON AIR... is better than anything Shakespeare ever wrote.”

Earlier in the week they discussed violating their father’s curfew, who is their mother’s favourite, and that “no matter how hard you’re working, there’s always time to call mom.”

If nothing else, at least it's entertaining.

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