Influencer who licked a toilet as a 'coronavirus challenge' has just been hospitalised with coronavirus

Life comes at you fast.

Especially if you lick the seat of a toilet for internet clout.

Like the internet prankster known as Larz, who claims he has coronavirus – just days after uploading a clip showing him licking a toilet seat.

Apparently it was for the “Coronavirus challenge”, a viral craze on TikTok – although just how many people are engaging in it is unclear.

But just days after initially posting the clip of him getting close and personal with the toilet (he really licks it), Larz uploaded another picture for fans.

This time he’s in a hospital bed and the caption reads “I got diagnosed with coronavirus”.

A disturbing turn of events.

Larz also tweeted the picture but his Twitter account – where he posts under the handle @gayshawnmendes – has been suspended.

It’s unknown if the suspension – or the diagnosis – is linked to the toilet seat incident.

People aren't being that sympathetic though.

And with Larz’s day job being the pulling of pranks, some may be questioning how geniune his latest revelation is.

Please though, don’t go around licking toilets.

Global pandemic or not.

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