Customer leaves huge tip to bar forced to closed down due to coronavirus

Customer leaves huge tip to bar forced to closed down due to coronavirus

The spread of coronavirus, which is causing people across the world to remain at home to avoid infection, has had a knock-on effect on small businesses that depend on footfall.

In the United States, Donald Trump has recommend that people stay away from gatherings of more than 10, which is obviously difficult for bars and restaurants.

Indeed, some venues have already been forced into closure as customers have dried up forcing some state governments in the US to close down eateries.

One of those venues is Coaches Bar and Grill in Columbus, Ohio which closed its doors for an indefinite amount of time on Sunday.

But it wasn't an entirely sad affair as one of their last customers gave the staff a very generous tip of $2,500 for a bill that only came to $29.75.

The person, who has wished to remain anonymous, is reportedly a regular customer. They asked for the tip to be split between all the members of the staff and even named them.

Talking to WCMH, Benny Leonard, an employee at the restaurant said that is was an emotional moment.

It brought some of them to tears, they are going to split it, 13 ways and it’s going to help them and we are a family and we will get through it together. 

(There were) tears, tears of joy. An unbelievable act of kindness on a pretty weird day.

We’ve got unprecedented times going on, we’ve got people fighting over toilet paper and so on and so forth, and to have a guy show up and care enough about people that give him a beer and a hamburger once in a while, that means a lot. It’s humanity at its best.

Ohio governor Mike DeWine ordered the closure of all bars and restaurants in the state at 9pm on Sunday with carryout and delivery still being allowed.

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