Boris Johnson's chief adviser Dominic Cummings has been spotted sprinting away from Downing Street just moments after the prime minister was confirmed as having Covid-19.

On Friday morning, Johnson told the nation that he had mild signs of coronavirus and after taking a test was confirmed as being infected with the novel virus.

Cummings, who joined the government last year after Johnson was elected as Tory leader, has become something of a controversial figure in his short amount of time in office and is known for coming out with unusual statements.

However, when possibly his closest colleague came down with the virus he couldn't wait to get out of Downing Street and was caught by Sky News cameras sprinting out the front of the building, out the back gate and fleeing for the hills.

Cummings, who was reportedly a strong advocate for the now-scrapped "herd immunity" tactic (which Downing Street strongly denied after it was reported by The Sunday Times) could just have been playing up for the cameras but he wasn't hanging around in any case.

Needless to say, this footage of him running away from Downing Street has got people talking.

Upon the latest report, there have been 104,866 tests for coronavirus in the UK, 93,208 of those were negative with 11,658 being positive and have sadly resulted in 578 deaths.

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