Florida governor Ron DiSantis makes bizarre appearance at coronavirus briefing wearing just one glove

Covid-19 is showing up some strange behaviour from high-profile people.

Like Donald Trump’s early insistence on shaking hands

Or British health secretary Matt Hancock opening a brand new NHS field hospital to handle the impact of coronavirus – while officials clearly flouted social distancing rules behind him.

Now Florida’s governor has appeared on TV exhibiting some equally bizarre Covid-19 related behaviour.

Governor Ron DeSantis, an enthusiastic Trump ally who refused to close Florida beaches during spring break as coronavirus spread, gave a briefing in Miami wearing... just one glove.

That alone confused people.

But DeSantis also then proceeded to touch his face – something advised against by health experts – with his ungloved right hand.

Safe to say, the internet was bemused.

Some referred to DeSantis to “Florida Man”, a stereotype about the “craziness” of Sunshine State residents.

Others called his actions “clownish”.

DeSantis’s one-glove policy was linked to his pandemic management style.

And there were inevitable Michael Jackson comparisons.

Perhaps DeSantis was showing solidarity with the thousands of healthcare workers who say they have not been provided adaquate PPE during the crisis.

Or maybe he's just... weird.

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