Children put on heart warming cello performance for elderly neighbour in coronavirus self-isolation


While self-isolating for coronavirus, one elderly woman got a lovely treat from the kids next door in the form of a private cello performance.

Nine-year-old Taren Tien and his six-year-old sister Calliope set up their instruments on the porch of their 78-year-old neighbour Helena Schlam’s home in Clintonville, Ohio on Monday.

Enjoying the performance from 10 feet away, Schlam listened and cheered the young performers on as they entertained her for more than half an hour.

The grandmother is practicing social distancing measures because she’s in a high-risk age group for serious side effects due to coronavirus.

But that didn’t dampen her spirit in enjoying her neighbours’ performance of Suzuki Book One and Two, as well as Bach.

Neighbour Jackie Borchardt then shared a video of the performance on social media:

At the end of the video, you can hear Schlam shout:

Hooray! Oh, standing ovation! That was lovely

Borchardt also shared a photo of the beautiful moment:

In response to the heartwarming performance, people took to social media and they had a lot of thoughts:

H/T: Dispatch

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