This landlord tried to force tenants to host a house viewing during coronavirus self-isolation

As the world enters lockdown measures because of precautions to stop the spread of coronavirus, people around the world are finding themselves having to adapt in all kinds of ways.

Most people are trying to hunker down in their houses – but for one landlord, it didn’t stop business as usual. Jamie Sinclair, who’s based in Aberdeen, tweeted out a screenshot of the text messages that a friend had received from their landlord.

In the messages, the landlord asks to bring people around for a viewing the next day. The tenants reply to ask whether it’s a good idea, given the current situation around coronavirus. The landlord then asks whether they would be able to leave the house during the viewing, which the tenants say that they don’t want to do.

The landlord and the tenants then discuss what can be done, but the landlord says that they have to “go out end of story”.

People in the comments pointed out that they may have the right to refuse to let their landlord in under certain circumstances.

Another Twitter user said that they had had a similar situation recently – when a contractor came into their house without letting them know, even though they were in self-isolation.

The original poster followed up with an update a day later, saying that the landlord did eventually back down.

At last that's something.

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