A four-year-old girl has become an internet hero after a video of her explaining the perils of panic-buying has gone viral.

The video was posted to Twitter by Giles Paley-Phillips, who came across it on Facebook, where it was posted by her mother Jen Legg. The young girl explains to an out-of-shot woman (we'll guess it's Jen?) why the whole situation in her local supermarket is simply outrageous.

She makes some pretty valid points:

There'll be no food left if they take all of it!


If you came to Tesco to buy some food for your supper, WHY would you take all this food?!

The girl then goes on to suggest they sack off Tesco and go to Morrison's instead, to find more food, at which point the woman patiently explains that it'll likely be a similar situation there. To which the girl responds:

You're joking. It's a joke!

Yes, this girl is all of us.

She goes on to say that they should get into trouble, because: "What if they took all the food? There'd be no food left!" She then suggests calling the police to take them to jail, which seems like it may be a bit of a stretch, but we appreciate the sentiment.

As does the government, we imagine. Environment Secretary George Eustice has pleaded with shoppers to avoid panic-buying after a video of an NHS nurse unable to buy food for herself after a 48-hour shift went viral.

The head of the British Retail Consortium, Helen Dickinson, also advised that people should eat the food they have at home before buying more.

People are understandably stressed and anxious about the current situation, but stockpiling food and leaving vulnerable people without is neither necessary nor helpful.

Even children realise that.

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