Britain truly is world-beating – unfortunately it’s now in categories no nation would wish to come top in.

A new BBC graphic has laid bare the extent of the tragedy wrought by coronavirus in the UK and prompted even further criticism of the government handling of the pandemic.

Shown on BBC Newsnight, the graphic compares the UK’s death toll with that of the 27 countries that make up the EU.

According to the data, the UK – with its population of 66 million – recorded more daily deaths on Wednesday than all the EU countries – cumulative population nearly 450 million – combined.

Countries across Europe are now beginning to ease their lockdown but the UK is still seeing high death tolls, amid fears that a loosening of rules will result in a “second spike”.

The 359 deaths the UK recorded on Wednesday mark are one of the country’s lowest daily tolls.

Yet it still outstrips Germany’s “worst day”, which saw 333 people die of coronavirus in April.

The UK now has one of the world’s worst death tolls, with over 50,000 dead.

This is despite being hit with the virus after other European countries, like Italy, which has a death toll of just under 34,000.

After seeing the latest graphic, people were struck by grief and anger.

Palliative care doctor Rachel Clarke said that not even the government could “spin that fact away” and called the data “damning”.

Labour councillor Barrie Margetts also criticised the government’s approach, warning that cases would spike again.

Someone else did some quick, shocking calculations..

And Boris Johnson’s previous statements about his "pride" at the government's response, were contrasted with the reality of the situation.

50,000 dead. Where is the pride to be found in that?

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