Working from home because of coronavirus? Here are tips from the experts

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Coronavirus is sweeping the globe, with more than 100,000 cases confirmed worldwide and one of the less troubling effects of this is that many workplaces are now asking their staff to work from home.

Planetary scientist Emily Lakdawalla asked Twitter for tips from those with WFH experience and was inundated with useful advice.

Lakdawalla put the question out with the words:

Friends, there are going to be a lot of people newly working from home starting this week, and it will be a difficult transition for some. *IF AND ONLY IF you are experienced at working from home*, please reply with tips for working effectively & avoiding distractions!

The first key tip was to avoid staying in bed.

But what about the issue of children?

Others stressed the importance of showing yourself kindness.

And what about those with pets?

Clothing, is it essential?

Some stressed the importance of going outside.

One person, however, had a different approach.

Ah, naps. Truly one of life's few joys regardless of the state of the world.

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