Five and a half years after the EU referendum, the Daily Express has realised Brexit isn’t that great and people are noting the publication’s apparent change of heart with glee.

The newspaper – which campaigned for Britain to leave the EU for years – published a story today about data that shows UK trade has shrunk since Brexit, while the EU continues to thrive.

It said: “Brexit, according to its backers, was meant to create endless opportunities. So far, however, the UK has failed to make the vote profitable, with the prospect of ‘global Britain’ quickly fading according to recent data.”

This is rather bizarre considering the Express’ historic and sustained Euroscepticism. Indeed, an article the publication published in January 2020, triumphantly titled “How the Express secured Brexit with trailblazing 28-year EU crusade” notes:

“The Daily Express has been behind this push for Britain to leave the EU and follow its own agenda for the best part of three decades.

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“Despite victory in 2016, the Daily Express has continued to show its support for anti-EU sentiments, even pushing Mr Johnson’s public campaign to ring the bells of the Big Ben on Britain’s big day of independence.”

What’s going on then?

Reacting to the story, people were surprised to see the paper turning on Brexit and were quick to mock it:

Oh dear, Express. If it isn’t the consequences of your own actions.

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