David Cameron says he shot a stag and called it Boris and people aren't impressed

Sirena Bergman@SirenaBergman
Wednesday 18 September 2019 10:45

After a week of making not-so-favourable headlines, David Cameron decided to go hunting to blow off some steam.

As prime minister, he avoided indulging in the controversial pastime for obvious reasons. But it seems now he's living his best animal-murdering life, and using every opportunity to shade the current PM.

According to The Times, Cameron shot a stag last month and named it - you guessed it - Boris Johnson.

Some may think that's slightly unfair to the stag, but it's not the first time Cameron has used innocent, defenceless animals as a punchline. Last year, he similarly named a deer he shot after Michael Gove.

He has admitted in the past that he enjoys naming pheasants after his political rivals before shooting them - which is surely perfectly normal, average-person behaviour...

The former PM is quoted as saying:

I have used the extra time to take up shooting again. I find that when I shoot a few Borises and Michaels I feel a whole lot better.

It seems pretty brave for Cameron to make a livestock-related joke, given his previous connection to a certain pig-related anecdote.

Understandably, no one is finding the story very relatable.

HT: Metro

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