Cameron and Putin in June 2014
Cameron and Putin in June 2014

David Cameron and Vladimir Putin have exchanged a "frank exchange of views" over the Ukraine crisis - but have apparently failed to find a breakthrough in crunch talks today.

Meeting at the G20 in Brisbane after a week when the British prime minster had implied Russian actions were akin to the tactics of Nazi Germany, the two men agreed that "a single sovereign space" was was needed for Ukraine.

Mr Cameron repeated warnings that Russia had reached a "fork in the road" with the crisis. The UK, European Union and US have demanded that Mr Putin adheres to an agreement signed in the Belarus capital of Minsk recently, which included no longer supplying rebels with Russian weapons, troops and artillery.

Mr Putin was warned that the nature of Russia's relationship with western nations could alter as a result of the dispute, with suggestions of further sanctions.

Earlier David Cameron mocked Vladimir Putin after the Russian president stationed warships near Australian waters. Speaking in Brisbane on Friday night, Mr Cameron said: “I didn’t feel it necessary to bring a warship myself to keep myself safe at this G20, and I’m sure that Putin will not be in any danger.”

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