David Cameron tries to stall on a question from a student. Instantly regrets it

After facing a tough grilling on the EU from Sky News political editor Faisal Islam on Thursday night, David Cameron faced a much more unpredictable task: the live studio audience.

While generally handling questions smoothly, he was slightly ruffled by one student who was particularly persistent with her questions.

First asking the prime minister about the "scaremongering" from the Remain campaign, Soraya, from Southampton university, then turned to Turkey's proposed membership of the EU despite its human rights record and poor border security with war-torn Syria and Iraq.

As Mr Cameron went on about some of the benefits of remaining in the EU, Soraya interrupted:

You're not answering my question. No, no, no. Let me finish now because I've seen you interrupt many people before.


I was going to do Turkey, if you want me to do Turkey?


I'm an English literature student; I know waffling when I see it.

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