Someone found this in the sea and didn't put it straight back

Someone found this in the sea and didn't put it straight back
Picture: Getty/stock/Frilled shark

According to Nasa scientist, Gene Feldman, our oceans contain “99 per cent of the living space on the planet”.

Huge swathes of underwater landscapes are still yet to be seen by human eyes. And whole subspecies of fish and creatures remain undiscovered to this day.

Fortunately for science (and our collective curiosities), Roman Fedortsov is doing everything he can to increase our understanding of the watery frontier.

The Russian deep-sea fisher enjoys sharing his findings on Twitter, and his discoveries will most likely give you nightmares.

Needless to say, these creatures should probably remain at the bottom of the sea:

I mean, this little critter looks like a Steven King creation

Look at that cavernous mouth

Maybe this is a Pokémon? But Pokémon are meant to be cute!

The rows of teeth have rows of teeth…

What even is this?

You can't unsee this

Two words: Finding. Nemo.

It sees into your soul

Okay, so, never swimming in a large body of water again? Sound good?

HT Gizmodo

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