Descendant of a Waterloo soldier? You can claim free ale

This is not a drill: if you can prove your ancestors fought at Waterloo, you can claim free ale this June.

Due to be held on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th June, organisers of the Durham Regatta are offering free ale and VIP passes to commemorate the bicentenary of the British victory, reviving the old tradition of providing complimentary ale to veterans of the battle.

But be warned, it seems as though the organisers are looking specifically for ancestors of the battle who were actually from Durham, with descendants of 43 'Waterloo Men' who were treated to a free meal and drinks by a Captain Chipchase after the first Durham Regatta in 1834.

This is a very important piece of local history. This year is the 200th anniversary of a battle that changed Europe and there certainly were local people involved.

We couldn't just let that anniversary pass.

  • Regatta chairman Nigel van Zwanenberg, speaking to the Durham Times

Anyone who believes they are a descendant of one of Durham’s Waterloo men should visit the Durham Regatta website or email

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